Marugame Udon Celebrates its 100th Outlet with a Fresh New Logo

Marugame Udon Celebrates its 100th Outlet with a Fresh New Logo

A Decade of Deliciousness

Marugame Udon recently marked a major milestone by opening its 100th outlet at Grand Kota Bintang, Bekasi, after a decade of serving up scrumptious udon in Indonesia. To add to the celebration, the udon restaurant also unveiled a brand-new logo.

The new logo isn’t just a local change; it’s set to be the new face of Marugame Udon globally. It boasts a modern design that reflects the brand’s core values—flavor, service, and cleanliness.

This dual launch of a new logo and the 100th outlet signifies an exciting new chapter for Marugame Udon. And then, Hajime Kondoh, the Chief Executive Officer of Marugame Indonesia, shed some light on this significant moment.

“Our vision as a pioneer of Japanese-style casual dining that serves up udon is clearer than ever. Over the next five years, we are committed to expanding our reach to serve more customers throughout Indonesia,” explained Hajime in a recent report.

Kondoh emphasized that their udon brand is here to support the healthy lifestyles of people from all walks of life in Indonesia. Marugame Udon’s presence across 100 locations in Indonesia their way of bringing comfort food to the masses, a treat that can enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

A Flavorful Menu and Adaptation of Marugame Udon

Specializing in udon-based dishes, Marugame has recently introduced new items on its menu, including the Tori Opor Udon. And then, this culinary innovation is part of their efforts to cater to the taste preferences of Indonesian customers.

Takaya Awata, President and CEO of TORIDOLL Holdings Corporation, which is the holding company behind Marugame Udon, emphasized that they see tremendous market potential in Indonesia.

“We’ve adapted to the local preferences to attract customers. For example, we offer rice dishes in Indonesia. By doing so, we become closer to our customers,” Takaya pointed out.

Since 2010, TORIDOLL has been on a significant expansion journey. Today, TORIDOLL boasts a global presence with over 1,000 restaurants in the United States, the United Kingdom, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

Marugame Udon, Authentic Udon and Market Leadership

Year after year, Marugame Udon dedicated to serving authentic udon and tempura flavors straight from Japan. Their mission is to become the leading casual dining restaurant brand from Japan.

With this 100th outlet and a fresh logo, they continue to solidify its position as a go-to spot for udon lovers and anyone who appreciates a delicious, satisfying meal. And then, the future looks bright for Marugame Udon as it embarks on its journey towards being a market leader in Indonesia and beyond.