Listening to Olivia Rodrigo Upcoming Album “Guts”

Listening to Olivia Rodrigo Upcoming Album “Guts”

Tate McRae, a close friend of Olivia Rodrigo, recently gave an interview to Capital FM, where he revealed a juicy nugget regarding the singer’s new album, “Guts.” One of the songs on the album very nearly wasn’t included.

Olivia Rodrigo Casting Shadows Over “Pretty Isn’t Pretty”

The 20-year-old lyricist Tate McRae revealed that Olivia Rodrigo had doubts about including a certain song on her CD. The song in question is “Pretty Isn’t Pretty,” which McRae counts among her all-time favourites. It came as a surprise to McRae that Rodrigo wasn’t sure if he wanted to use the song at first.

What a Lovely Tune

McRae praised “Pretty Isn’t Pretty,” calling it “beautiful.” It seemed unfathomable to her that Rodrigo would even consider omitting that detail. It’s evidence of the subjective nature of art, where even the artists themselves may have second thoughts about their creations.

Olivia Rodrigo Working Together to Create

McRae also discussed her working relationship with Olivia Rodrigo on the set of “Guts.” She disclosed that the two pals would regularly trade musical suggestions. McRae reflected on the times she had to reassure Rodrigo after she played her songs and voiced doubt about herself. She’d always try to persuade Rodrigo that her music wasn’t as bad as he thought it was.

Overcoming Obstacles in Songwriting

Tate McRae discussed some of the issues that all musicians encounter when coming up with fresh material. She emphasised the internal conflict that occurs in the minds of artists when their compositions are still unfinished. It’s hard to tell if a song is good or bad when you’re in the middle of making it.

Olivia Rodrigo, “Guts” Victory

The success of Rodrigo’s “Guts” album has surprised even him. The album’s lead track, “Vampire,” was released in June and immediately topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States. The following month, their second single, “Bad Idea Right?,” was released to similarly enthusiastic reviews from both fans and reviewers.

The “Guts” album was released on September 8 to mostly positive reviews. It also had a phenomenal first week, topping the Billboard 200 chart in the United States.

Future “World Tour” in the Works

The Acrisure Arena in Thousand Palms, California will serve as the first stop on Olivia Rodrigo’s “Guts World Tour,” which will launch in February of next year. The tour’s supporting groups, which include The Breeders, PinkPantheress, and Chappell Roan, should provide a memorable show.

In August, Rodrigo will play a few performances at the Kia Forum in Inglewood to wrap up his tour. The tour will give fans a chance to witness the young musician perform songs from her breakout album “Guts” in person, and they can’t wait.